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This is not me speaking for the trans community. This is not me saying "every FTM has the experience". This is my experience and mine alone of going through my transition and how the way I'm perceived in public is changes. It's my place to rant about the inequality and discrimination I (and possibly others) face in daily life and just vent about things related directly to my transition.

There will likely be no pictures of myself, as I'm trying to stay stealth in regards to a segment of my internet life. My first real post will be May 1st, as that's when I go to a new clinic to finally get on T. It's weird to think that it's been almost three years that I've been waiting for this; it's even longer when you take into account how long I've struggled with my identity. Once I get my medication, then the fun begins -- that will probably be "fun" at times, I'm sure.

That said, feel free to share this blog and follow it, if you like what I post.


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