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It seems my body is already shifting fat deposits. I was fairly fit and slim before starting T (~125lbs at 5'3"), so I didn't have a whole lot of fat left on me. My shorts are fitting funny now to the point they're hard to keep up and my binder won't stay down over my butt like it used to. I wasn't expecting this change until a year or more down the line. I'm at half the average dose (.25mg weekly), but the changes are still coming regularly, aside from my voice changing. It's dropped a little bit in pitch, but it's not very noticable.

My first three real beard hairs came in at the corner of my upper lip. I shaved them off two days later because I do not want to have that gross teenage boy moustache. That and I don't like moustaches anyway. My arms are a forest of blonde hair and new patches of leg hair are turning up every day, it seems. My muscle mass has definitely increased and, unfortunately, so has my appetite. There was a period of time last week where I was devouring every thing in sight. The hunger is such a bizarre feeling of being a bottomless pit; nothing is ever quite enough to make the hungry feeling go away. It mostly just made me eat the same portions I ate before my appetite became nothing while Wellbutrin.

These are the only real changes, at the moment, but I'm sure more are to come.
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